Security policy



The objective of this Policy is to establish the general guidelines that guarantee the security of the Information Systems of DATALAB GROUP’s customers.


All the equipment, infrastructures and applications available for the service of the hired personnel are the property of DATALAB GROUP or its CLIENTS, and their use is only allowed to carry out the tasks established in the workplace.

All the data processed by the aforementioned elements are the property of the customers of the DATALAB GROUP and, therefore, are confidential.

Appropriate use of Resources

The computer equipment, software and network infrastructure that DATALAB GROUP or its CLIENTS make available to their employees, must be used for the business purposes for which it was designed. In addition, the information processed by these resources must be treated confidentially.

Therefore, it is strictly prohibited:

To modify, alter or damage the configuration of hardware devices, software and communications enabled by the Company to perform the functions of each user.

If any user requires the installation of additional components, its direct supervisor must be notified.

The installation of software that is not accompanied by its corresponding license.

To connect to the corporate network by means other than those established by the company.

To attempt to access the elements and restricted contents of the systems without authorization.

Intentionally introducing into the company’s Information Systems potentially harmful components (malware), or with threatening, offensive or obscene content.

To attempt to destroy, alter, disable or disclose the data and information that are the property of DATALAB GROUP or its CLIENTS.

Failure to comply with any of these general conduct guidelines could lead to the opening of the corresponding disciplinary process. The Company will deploy the formal mechanisms it deems appropriate to ensure the proper use of its resources.

Responsibilities of Users

Each user is responsible for the equipment that DATALAB GROUP or its CLIENTS have entrusted them for the development of their work functions, being allowed to remove from the premises of the company, only those equipment and devices that have been authorized.

Likewise, the user is responsible for protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of the information belonging to or entrusted to the DATALAB GROUP.

The user is responsible for their passwords and, under no circumstances, must disclose or assign them to other users.

User passwords must be robust and difficult to guess by unauthorized third parties.

In case of detecting any security incident, the user must immediately inform the person responsible for the asset following the Non-conformities procedure.

Responsibility of the Management of the DATALAB GROUP

The Management is responsible for deploying the necessary technical and human resources to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your business data

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