Quality policy


DLTec’s objective is to provide products and services that meet the demands and expectations of its customers in order to ensure the durability of the Company.

  • All of DLTec’s activities are oriented towards its customers’ satisfaction, maintaining and improving DLTEC’s market image.
  • Continuous improvement is presented as the most effective tool to use, in each and every one of its activities, to provide competitiveness to the organization in front of an increasingly demanding market.
  • DLTec keeps all its processes defined and they are evaluated and continuously improved, to guarantee the highest degree of compliance with the requirements demanded by its clients. To achieve this, DLTec promotes proactive attitudes in its organization.
  • DLTec maintains an attitude of collaboration with its suppliers and works together with them to achieve the quality of the products / services acquired, taking into account the needs and expectations of their customers.
  • DLTec maintains all the necessary resources to comply with and exceed the legal regulations related to the Quality System.
  • DLTec considers the participation and involvement of all its personnel as a key value in fulfilling the requirements and expectations of its clients. For this reason, it facilitates those training and operational resources, which the personnel must have, in order to supply products or services to the clients, in the most efficient possible way.

DLTec Management guarantees that this policy is understood, applied and reviewed by all staff, to ensure its continued and maintained suitability, providing the necessary equipment, means, environments and training for it.

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